Please be advised of our “Assessment of Risk 2018” and “Child Safeguarding Statement 2018” at the following links:

Child Safeguarding Statement 2018

Assessment of Risk 2018


Parents Council

Parents play a central role in the education process. This role is very much encouraged in Clogher N.S. by developing regular contact between the school and parents. The Clogher N.S. Parents’ Association which works in the interests of the school provides a positive forum for parents. All parents are invited annually to become involved.


Parents are an essential element in the structure of the school and as such it is policy to involve them in as many aspects of school life as is possible. Their opinions both formal and informal will be given due consideration and their offers of help will always be welcome. It is the intention of the school management that parents feel that they are an integral part of the school, that their opinions are always welcome and that their children are receiving the type of education that they are happy with. It is also policy that parents feel comfortable about being part of the school, meeting teachers and being concerned about their children’s welfare and development.


Booklet for new families-A booklet with all information relating to the school will be given to new families on enrolment. The booklet contains information on Ethos, Management, Staff, Punctuality, Absences, Illness, Personal Property, Uniform, School Property, Curriculum, Internet, Religion, Drama, Recreation, Homework, Communication, Parents Council, Code of Discipline & Code of Behaviour, Assessment, Parent/Teacher Meetings, Visitors, School Holidays, School Books, Nut Allergy & Healthy Eating Policy, Administration of Medicine, Child Protection, Safety Statement, Policies

School will be closed on the following Dates

Hallowe’en Mid-Term October 30th to November 3rd inclusive
Christmas Holidays December 25th - January 5th inclusive
February Mid-Term February 15th to February 16th inclusive
Easter Holidays March 26th to April 6th inclusive
May Bank Holiday May 7th
June Bank Holiday June 4th
Summer HolidaysTo be decided

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